Press Preview Event

On July 16th 2013, a press preview event was hosted at the Studio Olafur Eliasson in Berlin, Germany where a invited audience was introduced to the eBook “Compassion. Bridging Practice and Science” and the documentary film “Raising Compassion”. The evening began with a brief welcome by Tania Singer and Olafur Eliasson, which was followed by a book presentation by Matthias Bolz and then a panel discussion. Later on, guests enjoyed food and beverages and were invited to explore the eBook on several iPad stations at the Studio or to watch the movie in a separate screening room.

Concentrating on Kindness

In the News Focus section, Science Magazine writes about neuroscientist Tania Singer, who "has embarked on an ambitious study involving 160 participants to find out whether meditation can make people more compassionate." Her goal is to, in effect, find biomarkers for compassion in order "to make the world a better place."

30.09.2013 | Journalist: Kai Kupferschmidt

Einfach mal die Augen schließen

An article in the newspaper DIE ZEIT about the launch event of the new multimedia eBook .

25.07.2013 | Journalist: Maximilian Probst

Movie: Where mind and body swing back and forth

This film is another art-science project relating to the topics of the workshop „How to train Compassion“ and featuring workshop participants.
Through the simple act of consciously taking a deep breath, we nurture feelings of connectivity, interdependence, empathy, and compassion – the felt feeling of being present to one another. The twelve-minute video Where mind and body swing back and forth , by Studio Olafur Eliasson, presents responses from a group of outstanding thinkers and activists to some essential questions: What is a deep breath? How does it affect us? What does our awareness of taking deep breaths do to our understanding of ourselves, of each other, and of the world around us?